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Peach Pie

2 Sep
The Perfect Pie Crust

Summer is ending, and I’m trying to take advantage of the last of the summer produce (and I’ll be posting more great end-of-summer recipes the next couple weeks). If you can still find some fresh local peaches at your farmers’ market or grocery store, snatch them up and make this delicious simple pie. Once you have a batch of the perfect pie crust from the recipe I posted Monday waiting in your refrigerator, this pie can be in your oven in 15 minutes.

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The Perfect Pie Crust

29 Aug
The Perfect Pie Crust

Shortening is not an ingredient that I keep in my house; in general, I feel strange about any food where I’m uncertain about its processing and how it came to be. Hydrogenated vegetable oil? No, thanks. So naturally, I was enthusiastic to discover this amazing all-butter pie crust recipe. This recipe yields a flaky and flavorful crust that has worked well in every pie I’ve made.

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Chewy Graham Cookies

19 Aug
Graham Cookies

Reminiscent of the sweet mildly-cinnamon flavor of graham crackers, these graham cookies are a great treat. Using basic ingredients that most bakers will have on hand, they’re a snap to throw together and yet bake up to something a little unusual for when you’re feeling tired of traditional chocolate chip cookies and snickerdoodles (not that both aren’t delicious!). The texture is perfectly chewy, the honey adds a pleasant background flavor, and the cookies are rolled in cinnamon-sugar for a decadent finishing touch. Next time, I’m planning on substituting some of the flour with whole wheat flour for a nuttier taste.

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Nutella Banana Muffins

12 Aug
Nutella Banana Muffin

I pretty much always have bananas around; they’re cheap, tasty, healthy, and a great snack when I know that dinner is still a couple hours off. But I sometimes end up buying more than I can eat and I’m tired of traditional banana bread, so I’ve been keeping my eyes open for other banana-enriched baked goods. These muffins are perfect for overripe bananas – rich and moist with just enough of a nutty chocolate flavor from the Nutella. This recipe makes quite a lot of muffins so be prepared to share.

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